How to market an accounting firm in the digital age

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80% of the population in the UK does e-commerce shopping. And this has made all businesses proactively market their firms better in the digital landscape. 

Accounting firms should also integrate digital marketing into their primary profession as it reduces time and resource investment. Digital marketing for accounting is a robust and worthwhile strategy over traditional marketing to attract clients and prospect growth.

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How do you do marketing for an accounting firm?

The current digital scenario demands accounting firms to be competitive and relevant in the market. Here are some ways to market an accounting firm:

  1. An attractive and user-friendly website

An updated and professionally designed website is crucial for any accounting firm’s digital marketing strategy. Visitors often judge a business by its website. So, it must be easy to find, navigate, and use, or you risk losing potential clients to competitors. 

A website is a digital platform to showcase services, attract customers, and build trust. It also boosts brand recognition and visibility by being indexed by search engines and easily shared across digital channels. 

Key features of an accounting firm’s website include:

  • Professional design that’s mobile-friendly
  • Clear message about services
  • Contact information
  • High-quality images
  • Staff credentials
  • Links to industry articles
  • Social media buttons
  • SEO-friendly content
  • Online forms for inquiries 
  • Compelling calls-to-action
  1. Blog

Website and blogs should be prioritised for marketing accounting firms. It establishes credibility, fosters trust with potential clients and increases website traffic. 

Blogs, webinars and ebooks are great ways to share industry insights and showcase expertise in accounting. By crafting informative and captivating content, firms can position themselves as authorities in the field, attracting new customers seeking reliable advice.

Producing timeless content that remains relevant over time can solidify the firm’s reputation as a subject matter expert. Content optimised for search engines enhances rankings on the web. Local SEO for visibility is crucial for accountant firms as it improves online presence and attracts local clients.

  1. Social media marketing

 96% of the participants surveyed stated that their company used social media marketing to enhance brand awareness and foster brand development. Social media presence does pay off for accounting firms. 

Although many accounting firms maintain social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, they often need more effective strategies to use them for marketing purposes. To effectively harness social media potential, accounting firms need to integrate it into their overall marketing strategy. 

This involves consistent content posting and regular interaction with followers. By actively participating in social media channels where users share, like, and engage, accounting firms can significantly enhance their visibility and drive website traffic.

  1. Easy templates

Offering readily downloadable and user-friendly accounting templates on your website can convert site visitors into prospective clients. 

This marketing strategy for accountants aims to demonstrate field expertise and establish client trust. While there might be concerns that providing free templates could deter clients from hiring your services, it often serves as a way to showcase your competence and position your firm as a reliable guide toward achieving their financial goals. 

  1. Diverse digital communications channel

Embracing digital platforms like Teams, Zoom, and Skype allows for remote interactions, enabling firms to connect with clients regardless of location. 

Moreover, integrating interactive tools on the firm’s website, such as newsletters, open Q&A sessions, or virtual drop-in clinics, facilitates ongoing communication and client support through email, messenger services, or video calls. 

This comprehensive approach addresses the challenges of physical distancing, strengthens client relationships, and establishes the firm as a trusted advisor in the accounting industry.

  1. PPC advertising

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) offers a highly effective method for driving traffic to your accounting firm’s website and acquiring new clients, all while maintaining control over your advertising expenditure. 

With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, ensuring your budget is allocated efficiently. This strategy allows for precise targeting. 

Overall, PPC presents a valuable opportunity to expand your client base and enhance the visibility of your accounting firm in the digital space.

  1. Email marketing

While many firms maintain regular communication with clients through email, they often need to leverage this opportunity fully. You can maximise your email marketing practical efforts and ensure that your updates consistently contain compelling content on accounting matters, business strategy, and financial tips.

Like your website, it’s crucial to design your emails to be mobile-friendly. Avoid lengthy content and provide brief teasers with hyperlinks to your website. 

By doing so, you encourage readers to visit your website for more engaging content. 

Remember, the primary goal of your email is to invite clients to engage with your services on your website rather than trying to convey all information within the email itself.

  1. Online reviews

People often believe what other customers have to say. Online reviews are critical to enhancing your accounting firm’s digital presence, boosting search engine rankings, and driving conversions. 

To leverage them effectively, prominently feature customer testimonials on your website, actively solicit reviews from satisfied clients via email or social media and promptly address any negative feedback received. This proactive approach showcases positive experiences and demonstrates your commitment to client satisfaction.

  1. Podcast

Another way to boost online presence is through podcasts. Starting a podcast can be a potent digital marketing approach for accounting firms, though it demands more resources. 

To gauge its suitability, consider appearing as a guest on established podcasts first. Podcasts offer a distinct platform to exhibit your firm’s personality and expertise in the accounting domain. 

Through insightful conversations, you can foster trust with potential clients and establish yourself as an authority in the industry. Given the relative novelty of podcasting, there’s a chance to cultivate a specialised audience and establish your niche.

A Quick Tip

There are serveral ways to do Digital marketing for accounting practices. You must choose one that perfectly aligns with your firm, goals, and budget. 

All of these pay in their own way. Whether optimising your website for search engines, utilising social media platforms, investing in targeted advertising, or producing informative content through blogging or podcasting, each approach can yield significant dividends when executed effectively. 

By generating and posting free content (like free tax planning guides) and email marketing, the likelihood of getting interested prospects’ contact information increases.


Continuously staying pertinent in the accounting field is an ongoing endeavour. It’s crucial to refresh online marketing tactics and cultivate a devoted digital audience to effectively connect with today’s consumers. 

Embracing technology and prioritising a digital marketing approach can immensely benefit digital community building in a highly competitive marketplace.